Remove suspended solids, reactive silica and other suspension matters by clarification and filtration methods.

Key Features

  • Alkali used on Anion resins, Acid used on cation resins to regenerate.
  • Cation vessel, Anion Vessel, MB vessels.
  • Source - Raw water / RO permeate water
  • Options available with MSRL/FRP vessels
  • Frontal piping of UPVC/MSRL.
  • Measuring tanks of MSRL/MS/HDPE/FRP.
  • Regeneration using Ejector system / Dosing systems
  • Packaged system available for lower flow rates.
  • Manual / semiautomatic/Fully automatic options available
  • Conductivity < 0.2 us/cm can be achieved


  • Process Water
  • Boiler Feed
  • Ultra Pure Water